Our Adult Martial Arts Program Will Strengthen You in Many Ways

With our program, you will learn about Wado Ryu Karate while combining this with the basic movements of Jiu-Jitsu. In our classes, you will discover many excellent evasion techniques and how to use them to your benefit. In this kind of exercise, there is a strong emphasis on 'softness' and 'the way of harmony, which is an essential skill that we will also share with you. In no time, you will soon be a warrior ready to take on the world!

It Is Never Too Late to Try Something New

Our Adult Martial Arts program is all about exploring your strength and discovering that you have the power to change your life. We make sure that you join the right program that will allow you to thrive at a safe and healthy pace. Take a look at our programs for men and women below and take the first step in changing your life!

Novice: In this class, you will learn basic blocks, punches, kicks, and kata forms, and it is the perfect program for beginners.

Intermediate: Here, we will introduce you to more advanced drills and sparring, which is optional. You will get to sharpen further the current skills you have. 

Blackbelt: This is our advanced level for purple belt and up. We will teach you the forms needed to reach the ultimate black belt level.