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Martial Arts helps with: Fitness, Confidence, Self-Defence and much more!

We provide top notch Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA classes that transform lives, together with a fully equipped gym. Each of our programs goes beyond physical fitness - we help kids, teens, and adults reach their fitness goals, acquire self-defence skills, and discover important life values.

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Kids Martial Arts - Build Confidence and Self-Discipline

Here at Kyushinkai Martial Arts, we give importance to living a life of integrity, honesty, respect, and kindness in all that we do. Through the power of martial arts, we guide every student to achieve success. We believe that health, happiness, and well-being go beyond the physical aspect. We are here to help them evolve physically, personally, and spiritually. 


An Environment That Fosters Positivity, Kindness, and Encouragement

We are dedicated to showing our students that martial arts classes go beyond just succeeding in our programs. We strive that they realise how beautiful martial arts is in its many forms and techniques, how powerful it is for teaching us self-defence, and how capable it is to strengthen, nourish, and heal our bodies and minds. Martial arts is a celebration of life, and we look forward to having you part of our family!

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We provide a safe and supportive environment for our students. Every day, we ensure a clean and organised training space to learn well and work efficiently. Our atmosphere is always warm and friendly and everyone is welcome...see you there!


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