Learn More About History While Getting Fit and Toned!

Mastering how to use weapons is not as easy as people think. Effectively utilising traditional combat weapons is a powerful skill that will improve your core, strengthen your balance, and sharpen your focus. You will discover and enjoy each weapon's history, benefits, and features from our instructors and get the best training there is. 

It is also important to share with our students that we teach this for self-defence and cultural appreciation, among other things. We must always choose respect and non-violence in all that we do.

Our Instructors Are Here to Guide You in Every Step of the Way

You will indeed have the most memorable time of your life as you immerse yourself in the world of training weapons such as the sword, bo, nunchaku, sai, and tonfa. Each tool has its own charm and power, and our instructors are here to be with you as you learn these. 

Sign up for our Novice class for the essentials of weapons training. For kids seven years and older or adults with experience, our Intermediate class will introduce more advanced drills. Lastly, the Blackbelt program will help our students progress further to kata techniques.